Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 8 Newsletter

A Message From Your Leader – June Griepp
The Sewing and Quilting Room is in full swing already.  Our first meeting last Thursday was well attended with over 80 gals on board.  We had several first time ladies at this meeting and we welcome them to join our group. 


The monthly raffle is scheduled during our meeting for Thursday, November 17th.  As usual, Sally, Debbie and Diana will have wonderful sewing items for you to win, so bring some cash ($100 0r $200 will do), buy your tickets (they’re cheap) and be prepared to win some great prizes.  The only requirement is that you yell loud when you win!!


November calendar

The November classes are already filling up.  There are still a few spots left so if you can make the meeting on Thursday, November 10th, you may have a chance to grab a spot in your favorite class.  Class Registration is open at 9:45 a.m. on Thursdays.  Please bring the correct amount of money and do not “bug” the registration gals before 9:45.  Give them time to get set up.
Christmas Wall Hanging by Jan MasselinkSaturday, November 12 – 9 am to 4 pm.  This is a fun paper piecing class.  A sample is hanging in the Sewing Room.
Mystery Quilt by June GrieppFriday, November 11 and Friday November 18—1 pm to 4 pm.  If you can’t make the November 11 session you can still sign up on any subsequent Thursday and catch up at a later date.  There are two sessions in December on the 2nd and 9th, and two sessions in January.
Beginning Quilting by Linda DeyStarts Tuesday,  November 15th at 8 a.m. for 4 weeks.  I understand there may be a couple of spots left for this session.  A sample is hanging in the Sewing Room.
Advanced Beginner Quilting by Jean PrevostIf you have already taken the Beginner Quilting Class, this is the class for you.  Again, there are 4 weekly sessions starting Monday, November 14th at 9 a.m.  The quilt you will be making is hanging in the Sewing Room.  It is a beauty!
10-Minute Christmas Block by Penny HighetWednesday, November 16th 9 am to 1 pm.  Make a quick, easy Christmas lap quilt and learn how to make a cathedral window. Great project for beginning quilters with basic quilting skills and all looking for a quick project.
Fall Wall Hanging by Penny HighetWednesday, November 23th 9 am to 4 pm.  You will learn to create a simple fall wall hanging by appliqueing the Accuquilt machine’s ‘Fall Medley’ at this session. Class members should already be trained to use the Accuquilt machine prior to class.
Sweatshirt Jacket by Debra Byers –Wednesday, November 30th 9 am to 1 pm.  A sample is hanging in the Sewing Room.  Debra suggests you buy a very large sweatshirt preferably with raglan sleeves for this project.



Block of the Week   Signups starts December 8th.  The quilt is hanging in the Sewing Room.  There are fabric requirements sheets and BOW rules in the rack that hangs on the blue cubbies. 
Reversible Tote by Pat Slagter.  Monday and Tuesday, December 12th and 13th.  9 am to 1 pm each day.  This is an advanced beginner class.
Mystery Quilt by June Griepp.  Friday, December 2nd and 9th, 1 pm to 4 pm. This is Sessions 3 and 4. 


Every year our Palm Creek group makes quilts for veterans and active military members.  We want to honor both our Canadian and US veterans. We meet Friday mornings in the Sewing Room starting at 9 am. However, you can participate at any time and in any way, you would like.  We have patterns, fabric, panels and even kits for you to use.  We will have projects ready for you to piece.  This is a great opportunity for beginning quilters to get some extra practice and contribute to our community.
The quilts are presented to family and friends of Palm Creek or given to local veteran groups.  They are always greatly appreciated.
Maureen Edwards, Jan Kinney and Gwen Borgen have taken over responsibility for “QOV” to let Joyce Owen focus on the creative side of this project.  So stop any of us for more information.  We hope to see you and have your help in honoring our veterans


The Community Quilters led by Julie Langwell meet every Friday Morning at 9 a.m.  They are already in full swing and invite you to join them.  Just bring yourself and your enthusiasm.  They have projects ready for you to help them with.  Julie is always looking for people to finish a quilt by quilting.  This is a good place to practice those free motion quilting skills you learned.


Marilyn Goeken has generously donated a beautiful queen size quilt for our Quilt Show Raffle and Jenny Schwieterman has generously donated the Doll Bed for our American Girl Doll.  But we need a chairman to oversee the ticket sales.  We have people who are willing to sell tickets.  I just need someone to be in charge.  Without a chairperson, we cannot go forward with the Raffle!!


We are looking for one or two persons who would be willing to organize our shop hop or FART trips.  These trips are always a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet new people.  But without a chairperson to organize the trips, they won’t happen.  So if you enjoy fabric shopping, (and who doesn’t?), please volunteer to help out.


If your Club or Committee is looking for money from our treasury for your projects, you must turn in a Budget Request by December 1.  There is no designated form.  Just send me an email at jgriepp@integra.net giving me the details on how much money you want or need and what you plan to spend the money on.  Once we have all the requests in, we will complete the budget and approve your request.


As much as we would all like to leave our sewing machines in place, it becomes impossible to allow this privilege once our classes start and the room gets crowded, so we ask that at the end of the day (4 p.m.) or 9 p.m. you store your machine away.  If you plan to return to the Sewing Room in the evening, you can leave your machine set up when you leave at 4 p.m.  But, please, no machines can be left out over night as there may be an early morning class that needs your space.  This rule goes into effect on Thursday, November 10th, as our first class starts on November 11th.  Thank you in advance for adhering to this rule.
Looking forward to seeing you all in the Sewing and Quilting Room.  Keep stitchin’.

  Lockers and Stash Storage! 

For those of you who are new to Sewing Room, you need to already be physically in the park to book a locker and stash locker. There is a $5.00 deposit for a locker, stash locker and a cable to lock up your machine.

Sally Schaeffer (covering for Joan Salter) will be in the sewing room on Tuesdays from 11-1 and on Thursdays right after the meeting if you want to get a locker. Monitors, you can pass this information onto any folks who would like to obtain a locker.

  Calling All Monitors

In order to have our room open as much as possible, we need to keep filling out the November Monitor Calendar also.  A reminder of the Sewing/Quilting Room Monitor shifts:

Morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
Afternoon (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
Evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

If at least one other person does not come to use the room after 30 minutes, you should close the room for your shift and not remain there alone.

This early request is primarily for those that prefer to do the same "shift" every week on a specific day or days.  The sooner we get you on the calendar, the more likely you'll get your preferred time.

Please sign up during our Thursday Guild meetings or contact Jean Prevost by emailing her at japrevost@gmail.com with the following:
1) day of week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
2) time (Morning, Afternoon or Evening)
3) Your first and last name
4) Phone where you can be reached (park phone or mobile)
5) Specific date when you can start

 You can also text Jean at 612-804-1915 if that's easier, and be certain to include the info listed above.

Unless otherwise stated, I'll fill in the calendar with a "recurring"
assignment for you.  Include anything else you think I should know!

All Monitors will need to take Monitor Training.

An early Thank You for being a monitor so we can all enjoy our great facility!






Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 Newsletter

Sew What's New?!

  Lockers and Stash Storage! 

Good Morning
   Joan Salter will be in the Sewing room to assign cubbies/lockers Today (sorry for the late notice...Penny has been ill), Wednesday and Thursday morning 10-12am.  Joan also wants to remind the ladies that the larger White cubbies are for the larger sewing machines only.  Please bring $5.00 for the deposit.

For those of you who are new to Sewing Room, you need to already be physically in the park to book a locker and stash locker.

   Our first Thursday morning Palm Creek Quilt Guild meeting is November 3rd in the SanTan Room! Hopefully we can accommodate everyone, but it will be cozy!

Mary Williams has already been working hard to get our speakers and programs set up for the year.  She also wants to hear from you if you have an exciting new project you would like to teach.  Remember, we need all of your help, ideas, input, participation and enthusiasm.   We welcome back all of our talented teachers and are excited to see what new projects you have in store.

Mary Williams has the November calendar ready, already filled up with lots of classes!  It's subject to change, of course... (Click on link to view and save pdf calendar) 

  Calling All Monitors

Fall weather is upon us and November isn't far ahead!  I know lots of people are looking forward to being back at Palm Creek and connecting with their sewing and quilting friends again.  Our first Thursday morning Guild meeting is November 3rd and at that meeting we'll be filling in any missing spots in the November calendar for the week following the meeting.

We understand that the Activities Office will be open starting Monday, October 17th.  We're not certain if that means a key person will be available for evenings, for instance, but we'll find out soon.  If you are available to monitor in October, please let me know and I'll make certain a filled-out calendar is printed and posted in the sewing room.

In order to have our room open as much as possible, I would like to begin filling out the November Monitor Calendar also.  A reminder of the Sewing/Quilting Room Monitor shifts:

Morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
Afternoon (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
Evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

If at least one other person does not come to use the room after 30 minutes, you should close the room for your shift and not remain there alone.

This early request is primarily for those that prefer to do the same "shift" every week on a specific day or days.  The sooner we get you on the calendar, the more likely you'll get your preferred time.

Please respond to Jean Prevost by emailing her at japrevost@gmail.com with the following:
1) day of week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
2) time (Morning, Afternoon or Evening)
3) Your first and last name
4) Phone where you can be reached (park phone or mobile)
5) Specific date when you can start

You can also text Jean at 612-804-1915 if that's easier, and be certain to include the info listed above.

Unless otherwise stated, I'll fill in the calendar with a "recurring"
assignment for you.  Include anything else you think I should know!

We'll begin Monitor Training as soon as possible in early November.

An early Thank You for being a monitor so we can all enjoy our great facility!


   A Message for you from our dear friend, Ellie....

Dearest Penny and my awesome quilting friends at Palm Creek,
 Jack and I are not able to return to PC this winter, as I am having my ankle replacement surgery on Nov. 2nd.  Any and all prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated🙏😊.  We are selling our Motorhome, and enjoying our family this winter.  Our hope is to be back next year, if only to rent for a couple of months.  I will and DO, miss you all.  Happy quilting to all of my PC quilting family.  Love. Ellie

A Message from your Communicator

Please help to make communicating with you easier!

Board/Committee Heads...and anyone else...

***If there is anyone wanting a message sent out by email, please have the information sent to Penny by Tuesday noon to be sent out before the Thursday meeting. I will combine all the information into one weekly email. Sending messages to so many folks takes some managing and I'm a busy gal! LOL

Every person receiving this email needs to go in and
update your preferences  so that I have an up to date list to print for the sewing room or unsubscribe if you do not wish to receive our news any longer. If I didn't know your info, I made it up! hahaha If you are receiving this email, you are already subscribed but may need to update your information by editing your preferences.  ***Please note that we will begin to cull the email list as the new season begins if we have not seen your info updated to show your current status in Palm Creek. :)

If there is someone new to Palm Creek and they would like to subscribe, you can forward any of our newsletters to them and direct them to send me an email by clicking on the Subscribe button on the bottom of the newsletter and we'll get them added and they can update their information when they receive their first email. Remember, they must be a resident of Palm Creek and a member of our Guild.

Remember that you can join us on our Facebook page by searching Palm Creek Quilt Guild through your Facebook page. Ask to join our page and get ready to chat and share with our Guild members who have already joined.

Travel Safe to Palm Creek! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming Palm Creek 2016-17 season!

Friday, April 15, 2016

A Message from our Leader

Hello Palm Creek Quilters.
I just wanted to share a bit of news with you before I scurry home to Prior Lake for the summer. First, a big thank you to all for all the support and kindness you have shown to me during this past season while I got my feet wet, and to my wonderful team of board members who also provided so much help and guidance as well. I'm looking forward to another great year.
ROOM RESERVATION: We have received our room confirmations for next year. The park has assigned us the Santan Room for the season. The good part of that is we will have access to the room at 9:30 (and probably earlier) so it will give us more time to set up for classes, raffles, etc. I think we'll still leave the meeting start time at 10:15. The bad part is we may be a bit more crowded, but I think we can deal with it. Our luncheons may be a bit of a challenge to set up, but I'm still working on that to see if possibly we can expand into the Sonoran .
QUILT SHOW DATES: The Quilt Show dates are set for Friday setup and Saturday show on February 17th and 18th.
PILLOWCASES FOR DOG BEDS: I understand from Carleton's newsletter that they used all of the pillowcases we sent over to them and they thanked us for them. So at least we know they were of value. Thanks to all of you who donated.
QUILT OF VALOR TESTIMONIAL: I received a phone call from Twink Monrad who lives in Oro Valley and who is a friend of one of the gentlemen who received one of our Quilts of Valor . He had his leg amputated in 2012 about the time we gave him the quilt. He was a member of Old Pueblo Lapidary Club for 45 years and apparently taught classes as a volunteer. She called to tell me that the veteran, Ron Davidson, had passed away, but that during his stay in the VA hospital, he asked Twink to take care of his quilt for him. She said he would ask often whether she was still looking after his quilt. She still has the quilt in her possession and told me the quilt has graced her fireplace since she received it. Her plan now is to present it to another veteran. Below is the story she sent me as well as a picture of the quilt. Does anyone know who made it? It is lovely.
My Ron Davidson Quilt
When Ron Davidson was in the Tucson Veterans’ Hospital in 2012 for some serious surgery, I went to visit him quite often. One day just before I arrived, some women from a Casa Grande, Az. quilting group had been there to present Ron with a quilt made by the members. On the back is a tag which reads:
This quilt was made for you with love and caring by the Palm Creek Quilters from Casa Grande, Az - 2012
Thanks for all you have done to protect each of us and all that America stands for. The quilt features some red, white and blue patriotic prints plus some folk art such as a cat, watermelon, sunflowers, a bird and some hearts.
Ron asked me to take the quilt home and keep it with my quilts and other things that I have sewn. I told him I would keep it for him until he went home and then bring it to him. I asked him many times after he was home if he was ready for his quilt and he said “no, just take care of it for me.” Since 2012 it has been folded on our fireplace in our TV room so Larry and I see it many times a day and always think of Ron. I have shown it to many guests in our home to let them know how the quilters take care of our veterans. I will let the Palm Creek Quilters know what has happened with the quilt that they brought to Ron.
Twink Monrad
In addition, Twink said she had read about our quilt guild on the Palm Creek website (thank you Mary!) and was very impressed with all we do. She said since she didn't live that far away, she would love to come and visit us at some future date. We would love to have her, and what a wonderful story she shared. A special thanks to Joyce Owen and her dedicated team who not only delivered the quilts to the VA but also pieced and quilts all of the quilts.
Here's hoping everyone has a fantabulous summer. You'll more than likely be hearing from me again later on. If you are home, glad you are safe--if you are travelling, drive carefully!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Summer Hours in the Sewing Room

The Palm Creek Sewing Room regular season will end on Friday, April 15, 2016.  Providing we have monitors, the room will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m to 9 p.m. each day through Friday, April 15th.

On Monday April 18, Gladys DeBonville will be coordinating monitors for the room.  Summer hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  IF monitors are available and another person is also present, the room can be open for 5.5 hours each day, Monday through Friday.

A calendar for April and May will be at the sign-in desk in the quilt room.  After Friday, May 27th the schedule will be revisited for the summer months.

If you can monitor between April 18th and May 27th please either sign up on the calendar in the sewing room or call Gladys at park phone #7806.

Accuquilt Studio Cutter
The cutter will be available for use by the summer quilters. Gladys (the summer quilter monitor ), will be responsible for overlooking the operation of the machine during this time.
As a reminder, in order to operate the machine, one needs to have been trained. If you are not confident when using the machine or have not been trained over the winter, please contact Gladys for assistance when using the Accuquilt Studio cutter. Thanks and happy cutting.

Linda Hays 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 1 Newsletter

Thursday meeting to be held in Ballroom—please note that chairs will already be set up for Chorus performance. We have been given the okay to have our meeting there but have been asked NOT to rearrange chairs in any way and to leave the room as we have found it.
Tickets for catered lunch Social Gathering to be held Thursday, March 10th after the meeting will be on sale on Thursday at meeting. This will be your last opportunity to purchase tickets ($11.00). The committee needs to know numbers to order lunch. Olive Garden! Yum! Yum! Come dressed to the Nines…all dolled up and ready to celebrate a great season!!!
Tin Can Flowers—did you lend the staging crew tin can flowers for the Quilt Show? The Art Club fell in love with them and would like to borrow some for their Art Club Grand Opening on Sunday. If you are able to lend some, please contact June Griepp Site 1281—ph. 7281 or cell 612-384-6347
Quilt Show Committee Chair Meeting—Wed., March 9th @ 1 pm at Judy Currie’s—Site 661. Please bring your written committee report or email it to Judy.
Classes—see attached revised calendar in files. Register for classes @ 10 a.m. before Thursday meetings.
Lockers *singing her best Elvis impersonation* …and now…the end is near….time to face…the final curtain… The season is drawing to a close for many of us. Please remember to ‘check out’ with Sally (Park ph. 6694) to turn in your key or cable and get your $5 refund. No machines or personal belongings can be left over the summer. (only exception is full-time residents).
We wish you all safe travels and happy quilting wherever the road may take you! We look forward to seeing you again soon or on Facebook over the summer.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24 newsletter

Wasn’t that a Party???!!!!! 
·         Congrats to all the many volunteers and to Judy Currie and Wendy Newton for a job well done!
·         Thanks to all of the many talented women who did the very amazing works of heart and art! It is such an honour to belong to this amazing guild.
·         Thank you to all of the many people who lent us their wonderful belongings to add the icing to the beautiful cake.
·         We especially owe a vote of thanks to Jan Masselink and Debbie Johnson’s neighbor, Becki Andrews, who allowed us to back a moving van up to her villa and empty it out! LOL…
·         thanks to Jan for having the guts to ask her if we could use all of her wondrous ‘stuff’!
·         Thanks to the Moving Men!

Accuquilt Training—Thursday, March 10th at 9 a.m before the meeting. Wait until you see the amazing work of the Go Flower Class…you’ll want to try your hand at it!

A new class to be added to registration this week:
                    Dahlia Pillow (with June Griepp)
                    Saturday, March 5       9:00-12:00am     $5

The class for the Pashmina Vest was very popular, so our wonderful
Marilynn Barbour has agreed to open another section of the class
for those who are on the original waiting list.  If you are one of those
people, please be sure to pay the $5 fee and confirm at the registration
table that you will be able to attend the new class - to be held on
Wednesday, March 16 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm

 Social Gathering
There will be a sign-up sheet at the registration table for the luncheon
to be held following our regular meeting on Thursday, March 10.  The
meal will be catered by the Olive Garden.  The cost is $11 per person.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

February 18 newsletter

Saturday, Feb 20th from 9-3. Tell your neighbours!!  

·       Drop off--Friday, Feb 19 - 2:30-4 pm Please advise when dropping your quilt off if someone other than yourself is picking it up?
·       Pick up--Saturday, Feb 20th from 4:30-5 pm.
We respect and value your quilts so please be patient as you wait to pick up your quilts after the show. We want to ensure that each quilt goes home with its owner.

Staging Committee timeline
Committee Set up Friday, Feb 19th from 6-7:30 pm.
Committee Take Down Saturday, Feb 20th 3-4 pm

Special thanks to everyone for sharing their own belongings for staging and for sourcing their neighbours! Please place your name and site # on the bottom of your item.

·       Item Drop off in Breeze Way between Ballroom and Santan Room— Friday, Feb 19th 2:30-4 p.m. (Please line breakable/fragile items up against wall and place tables in front of them so they have less chance of being knocked over)
·       Item drop pick up in Breeze Way between Ballroom and Santan Room—Saturday, Feb 20th – 4- 4:30p.m. (Please be prompt as everyone will be tired and ready to go home! Lol)

Volunteer Dress Code for Quilt Show Day—Feb. 20th—white top and black pants/skirt/capris.

Board Elections will be held next meeting--Feb 25.  Jean Prevost and Norma McMullen have agreed to co chair and run for the monitor board position

Executive Decision—made by June…Carlton’s did not want to take the scraps or the old pillowcases that we collected for Dog beds when Chao took them there, so we will no longer be collecting scraps.

June’s Did you know? June used to put batting pieces together by zigzagging but always got lumps. Now she lays batting and cuts each piece with ruler. She then butts them together (don’t overlap) and then zigzags. No more lumps!   (Internet idea…throw your batting in dryer for about 10 minutes to get rid of the wrinkles so it will lie flat)

Sewing Room— courtesy, kindness, friendliness, and respect

Reminder*****Leaving sewing room at closing time when you are asked to by monitor:  99% of our members respect this. If you are in the 1%, please do so as well. Our monitors have already given us 3 hours of their personal time to keep the room open. As well, please remember to clean the lint off of the table you were using with a damp cloth after your use.

****First two rows of tables in sewing room will be used to sort Raffle items on Friday morning.

Next week’s meeting will be in the Santan Room. Bring your money for the raffle. Lots of great prizes!!!

Necessary clutch--download of template incorrect--will have templates at class for you 7" zip and matching thread for flanges

Free motion classes changed! Beginner-Mar 7 and Advanced-Mar 14 Both from 9-12

Pashmina Vest--NEW class. Folks on waiting list only can sign up to take a new class scheduled for Wednesday, Mar 16 at 6-9 pm. Sign up at meeting asap.  $5

FART Trip (Fabric Accumulation Road Trip)

1.    Mesa on Friday, Mar 4th @ 8:45 a.m.  Meet outside sewing room for departure.  Please pay $8 to your driver.    We will visit 3 quilt shops--Cabbage Rose (15% off),  Quilter's Oasis (demo) and Mulqueens ($1 off discounted fabric 20% notions and killer deal on machines). Lunch will be at Midwestern Meats (12:30) down the street from Mulqueens.
2.    Mar 19—Tucson to the Cactus Needle Quilt shop who will be having a sale with 25% off

Social Gathering
After the meeting on Mar 10. Catered lunch $11 from Olive Garden--Chicken Parmesan, salad, ziti al forno and bread sticks. Sign up at meeting or Talk to monitor in the sewing room to sign up. Flashy entertainment will be provided. Mamma Mia!!!

Join us on FacebookPalm Creek Quilt Guild…and stay connected all year through!            https://www.facebook.com/groups/palmcreekquiltguild/

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Newsletter February 6

Quilt show entry forms are Due MONDAY, February 8th….yes…that’s this MONDAY!!!!

Raffle items—thanks to all who have donated items. The bin is under the Accuquilt machine table…please keep them coming!

Still looking for Volunteers! Many hands make light work. For our quilt show to be successful, we need you!!! Sign up in the sewing room.

Staging—we now have about 5 or 6 tables…and a few vases, arrangements and a few outdoor ornaments. We have about 20-30 quilt racks to protect from toppling over! HELP!!!
Volunteer Dress Code for Quilt Show Day—Feb. 20th—white top and black pants/skirt/capris.

Spray Basting Quilts--please spray baste in the evenings (6-9 p.m.) after checking with folks in room that it would be okay.

Thanks for sharing space! The room is a very busy place and the generosity of the women in the room is amazing as we see folks doubling up on tables and making sure that as many folks can sew as possible!

Quilt til you wilt was a fantastic success! 229 Pillowcases made by 60+ women with all the fabric donated by our guild members. Thank you to everyone for your contributions. Thank you to Patt, Linda and Holly for their hard work in planning and prepping for the evening. A huge thanks to Martha Richmond for making 200 bags for toiletries for the children.

June’s….Did you know?
When lining up two seams, we generally use one pin. But by putting in the pin, it actually moves the fabric and can misalign the seam. Instead of putting one pin in the centre of the seam,  push pin into the seam but don't push through, then put one pin on seam allowance on one side and then on the other seam allowance. Remove pin pushed through the seam. Seams will be matched!

Teachers often book classes to start before the room opens so that they have some quality quiet time to begin teaching. Please respect posted times and do not enter the room before 10 a.m. Thank you.  

Next Guild Potluck will be on March 17th and will be catered. More info to follow.

FART Trip (Fabric Accummulation Road Trip)
 1.    Mesa on Friday, Mar 4th @ 8:45 a.m.  Meet outside sewing room for departure.  Please pay $8 to your driver.    We will visit 3 quilt shops--Cabbage Rose,  Quilter's Oasis and Mulqueens. Lunch will be at Midwestern Meats down the street from Mulqueens.
2.    Mar 17/18—Tucson to the Cactus Needle Quilt shop who will be having a sale with 25% off

Thanks to Debbie Johnson and Diana Shane for organizing these great trips for us! Thanks to all the ladies who offer to drive!

Nominating committee: Marilyn Barbour-Chair

There are no strangers in this room. Just friends we haven't met! Just friends who think that our sewing room is a wonderful place and who could be wonderful folks facilitating our amazing group. Contribute to your leadership and skills to our guild!

New classes
All classes will be available for Sign up Feb 11

Marilyn will be hosting a class in which you will need a Pashmina 27/28 x 72. This will be transformed into a lovely, little vest!

Thanks to wonderful ladies who show up to sell classes to us every meeting! You are gems of the guild!

Advance Ticket Sales 
Darlene Norton will sell Chinese Auction tickets and that Grace McKay will sell Quilt and Doll raffle tickets, Thursdays--Feb  11 and the 18th, at the meeting. Ladies  can fill out  the info and put  them in the draws on the day of the Quilt show.

Monitors. Thanks to all monitors who help to keep our quilt room open . If you don’t want to volunteer to monitor on your own, you could co-monitor with another person.  Both persons must be trained.  Monitors should sit facing the entrance door so they can see folks entering the building.
****Reminder--No perfume in room

Monitors fill irons and get water from the pottery room for you when they can. If you need to fill iron don't leave partial cup, as water gets knocked over and spilled. Please empty it back into the jug. If you notice that the water jugs for the irons are empty, please take them over to the pottery room and fill the jugs while the pottery room is open and water is accessible.

Lockers. Dozen folks on the waiting list. Please let us know if you are not using your locker or will be leaving the park so that someone can stop lugging their machine back and forth!

Serger club. On Monday (4-6 pm), will be making Burp cloths to be delivered with the receiving blankets that were previously made by the group.

Join us on FacebookPalm Creek Quilt Guild…and stay connected all year through!            https://www.facebook.com/groups/palmcreekquiltguild

It was a "Quilt Till U Wilt" Night

 On Wednesday evening, February 3, about 60 ladies of the Palm Creek Sewers and Quilters gathered for one of their "infamous" Quilt Till U Wilt nights.  At 4:00 they got to work....some were cutting, some sewing, some pressing, some filling little bags, some preparing food and some being general "go-fers."  The room was humming!

Everyone had a job to do.

Everyone concentrated on the task at hand.

All that work made us hungry.....Patt and Linda made sure
we had a fantastic dinner.
We filled about 200 little bags with grooming supplies for the foster kids.

And by the end of the evening, there were 229 newly made pillowcases hung on the wall.  They will be donated to the foster children of Pinal County.

It was a great evening of fun, friendship and charity for all those in attendance and we look forward to our next project.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 1 Newsletter

A word from our illustrious leader, ‘Junie B’…The Sewing room is very busy with up to 2 classes running at a time, so it’s very important for all of us to that remember courtesy, kindness, friendliness, and respect are key for a harmonious sewing room!
Potluck scheduled for Feb 4th is CANCELLED! Discussion with folks came up with the following:
A.   Too many potlucks
B.    With the Quilt til you Wilt the night before too much food and no time to prep
C.    Don't want leftovers
But…Super Bowl Potluck is on for Sunday, Feb 7th…please sign up in the sewing room and bring finger food as a contribution.

Next Guild Potluck will be on March 17th and will be catered. More info to follow.
Thanks to Pat Fryer for a wonderful trunk show. We are grateful to her for sharing her quilts and patterns from her company, Villa Rosa Designs.
For those of you who knew Shirley Burrows, we are sorry to let you know that she passed away on January 26/16. Condolences to her family and friends.

June’s Tip of the Week:
To make a more accurate Half square triangle, use a 1/4 inch ruler,  draw a diagonal line on both sides from corner to create sewing lines and then cut in between. As well, you can increase your squares to round number instead of the 7/8. Ie. 3 instead of 2 7/8. Then square to needed size.

·       Quilt deadline of Feb 8th if you want to show your quilt. Applications available in quilt room, were sent by email or available in ‘Files’ on our Facebook page.
·       Still need volunteers for committees
·       We also need donations for our Chinese auction and the Raffle. Sewn items, Gift certificates, baskets, etc.  
·       Staging—please think about what you may have in your home/yard…or what your neighbor may have (lol) that we could use to decorate around our quilts. We need to be able to cover the legs of the quilt stands so people will not trip over them.
§  Tables, large vases, pop can flowers, yard art, benches/chairs/rocking chair, quilts (lap size +) you aren’t planning to show in show
Remember that this is the way we raise funds to keep our quilt room funded. We don’t have any fees to pay to use this wonderful space and all of the equipment that the guild has purchased…please think about how you can give a bit of yourself and your talents. FART trip to the Phoenix Sewing and Quilting festival had 61 participants signed up. Thanks to the 14 drivers who chauffeured the masses…and the haul home.

Next FART trip will be Mar 4. to 3 quilt shops in Mesa. Sign up in the quilt room!
Monitor training Monday, Feb. 1st at  9:15 in the sewing room with Nancy Duitsman. Help keep our room open by training to be a monitor. Learn the ins and outs of our sewing room and volunteer about 3 hours a week to help out!  Thank you to all of our wonderful room monitor volunteers. We  you!

No lockers avail. Thanks to 3 ladies who voluntarily gave up their lockers. Your kindness was so appreciated by Sally, our Locker coordinator, and mostly by the ladies on the waiting list who needed one!

Nominating committee still needed!  Volunteer yourself. There are so many talented ladies in our group who have so much to offer. You must be in park for 5 months. Marilyn Barbour agreed to Chair the Nominating Committee for a locker. Thanks to Darlene Norton who readily gave up her locker!!!! We have so much fun!

Join us on FacebookPalm Creek Quilt Guild…and stay connected all year through!            https://www.facebook.com/groups/palmcreekquiltguild/

Saturday, January 23, 2016

January 23rd Newsletter

  We need you for the upcoming elections!!
 Our quilt guild is run by our generous volunteer executive. Please read the attached note from June regarding upcoming elections and needed woman-power! Nominees will be presented 2nd Thursday in Feb and the election will be held the 3rd Thursday.

Jerri Thomason’s Gathering---January 30th.  A get together is planned at the North Pavilion  from 1 to 3 pm.  We have been asked to bring ‘finger food cookies or squares’ (no pies, cakes or other desserts). It seems that the gathering planners had no idea how well loved our Jerri is!

Accuquilt Training—next Accuquilt Training scheduled for Thursday, January 28th @ 9 a.m. in the Sewing Room. No sign up required. This class is geared towards someone who has not had previous training, but if you have had the training and would like a review, you are welcome to attend and observe.

When using the Accuquilt machine, ALL members need to sign up in the  Blue Accuquilt Log in and out book. Book is located on the Accuquilt cabinet on the side closest to the blue cubbies. If you are using it for a group/club, please sign the group/club name and person using machine for group/club. If you need additional assistance operating the Accuquilt Studio, please contact one of the committee members to make arrangements. The names and phone #'s are on the  1st page of the Blue sign in book.

*** If you are registered to take the Go Flower class February 24th which will use the Accuquilt machine,you must have taken the training BEFOREHAND.

Accuquilt Cutter Tip:  If you are using your own Go! Cutters, you must use OUR STUDIO PLASTIC CUTTING MATS. The go! Cutter mats are too flexible and will damage the studio roller.
Quilt Show

Quilt Show Entries:
·       Attached Entry Form must be filled out and deadline to be returned to quilt room by Feb 8th
·       Quilts are to be delivered to the Sonoran Room between 2:30 - 4:00pm on Friday, Feb 19.
·       Quilts will be available for pick up between 4:30 - 5:00pm on Saturday, Feb 20th.  If you are unable to pick up your items during this time frame, please designate an alternate person to pick up and sign for your items.
Raffle Items: 
·       Just a reminder to everyone to turn in their raffle items for the quilt show.  A bin is available by the accuquilt machine in the sewing room.  

Tables/Space: Committee heads requiring space/tables at Quilt Show, please contact Diana Shane or Debbie Johnson before Monday to confirm your needs.

Staging/Decorating:  We need small tables/shelves/cabinets; silk flower arrangements; baskets; large vases; small benches/chairs; quilts not in quilt show to be folded/draped; large pop can flowers; any aesthetically pleasing decorating item that you think we might be able to add to our quilt displays to enhance our quilts. Beg, borrow…maybe not steal…from your neighbours if you see they have something that could be featured.  Please send an email or give a hand written note to me---Penny Highet—if you have anything we could use for staging. (verbal promises will be soon forgotten, guaranteed! Lol) We can arrange pick-up if necessary but it is easiest if you are able to deliver items yourself on Friday, Feb. 19th for set-up.
Thanks to Cappy and her Blanket Crew for making 110 blankets from 4-6:30 on Wednesday! There was a great pizza supper.  (Carol’s Ginger Crisp recipe attached for those who asked her for it J) The evening was a great success due to the great prep and planning beforehand. Thanks to Jan and her helping hands. The Crew is still needs onesies (size 0-3 months) to include with the receiving blankets. TheSerger Club is going to be making burp cloths to go along with the gift package. The  newborn gift packages go to hospital to give out at their discretion as needed and also, to the Pregnancy Centre where new/expectant mothers take pregnancy/parenting classes. For each class they take, they earn points to ‘buy’ merchandise, like our blankets, for their little ones.
 Quilts of Valour. (Joyce Owens) We usually do 25-30 quilts per year but are a bit behind this year. QoV are usually delivered to Tucson Vets but last year every one of the quilts our guild made went home with someone who presented them to a Vet they knew.  In Branson, MO- an open house for vets was held and a number of our quilts were given out. Thank you's received will be posted in sewing room. If you would like to help with piecing or quilting, the Quilts of Valour group meets every Friday Morning (9-12 a.m.). Come out and help for this worthy cause.
Community Quilt group has also been very busy on Friday mornings (9-12 a.m.). Come out and share your helping hands…cutting, ironing, piecing or quilting. Thank you to Julie Langwell and her crew’s loving hands for their hard work for the Foster Children of Pinal County.

Monitors (Nancy)—a few monitors still needed for some slots in February…let’s keep our sewing room open!

Lockers (Sally). 2 available! If you are NOT using your locker/stash cubby, please consider giving up your space so that someone else does not have to haul their belongings back and forth.
June’s Tip
Never ever pull thread from top thru tension discs. Clip at top and pull from bottom.

Upcoming Events: 
Garage sale—This Sunday Jan 24th-- in sewing room from 1-3.  Call Nancy Proctor at 7378**** to let her know if you want a table. Come and buy new to you fabric, notions, etc.

Thursday, Jan 28th Pat Fryer --Trunk show.   You don't want to miss this event! Pat is a prolific quilter, in fact,  at a recent retreat did 13 quilts in 2 days

F.A.R.T. (Fabric Accummulation Road Trip!)

Thanks to Debbie Johnson and Diana Shane for planning our trips. Our trip on  Jan 8th, to Arizona Quilts and Sun Valley Quilts in Surprise, saw 36 quilters shopping til they were dropping!
·       Next Trip! Jan 29/16Phoenix Craft fair and Sewing Festival at the Arizona State Fair Grounds in Phoenix
o   Cost--$8/person paid to driver for shared vehicle costs; shared parking costs; admittance fee (check online for a coupon); lunch unless you pack your own—which many ladies do. J
o   Sign up sheets will be going up in the sewing room. Remember to indicate if you can drive or if you are just a passenger in search of a kind person willing to drive.

Next trip will be a trip to Mesa-Date to be determined—shops that are to be visited will be Cabbage rose,  Quilters Oasis and Mulqueens.  Lunch will be announced. Meet outside seeing rm 8:45

Feb 4---Potluck. More info to follow later. Sign up at the class sign up table to attend and sign the potluck dish list in the sewing room.

At the sign-up table this week (January 28) will be:
Quilt Till You Wilt on Wednesday, February 3. We will be making pillowcases. Thank you for all of the wonderful fabric you donated at our Christmas Potluck!
          The cost is $5.00.  Please sign up this week so that we will know how much food to prepare.
"Go Flower", a project using the Accuquilt Go Machine
           The cost is $8.00.  Class on Wednesday, February 24,   9:00-4:00  *** If you are registered to take theGo Flower class February 24th which will use the Accuquilt machineyou must have taken the training BEFOREHAND.

 There are still openings for the following classes
           -Iron Caddy
Other classes have a waiting list (for cancellations, only)

Sunflower Power class begins Wednesday, Jan 27th
·       don’t forget to bring your Ziploc bags and a permanent marker
·       bring your red, white and blue 10 inch blocks for a cathedral window practice activity
·       bring an IPad/IPhone if you have one
·       we will be sorting our fabric, cutting fabric and doing some practice sewing in our first class.

Committee Meetings:

Quilt Show Committee:  Monday, Jan 25th 1 p.m. at Wendy Newton’s place