Friday, April 15, 2016

A Message from our Leader

Hello Palm Creek Quilters.
I just wanted to share a bit of news with you before I scurry home to Prior Lake for the summer. First, a big thank you to all for all the support and kindness you have shown to me during this past season while I got my feet wet, and to my wonderful team of board members who also provided so much help and guidance as well. I'm looking forward to another great year.
ROOM RESERVATION: We have received our room confirmations for next year. The park has assigned us the Santan Room for the season. The good part of that is we will have access to the room at 9:30 (and probably earlier) so it will give us more time to set up for classes, raffles, etc. I think we'll still leave the meeting start time at 10:15. The bad part is we may be a bit more crowded, but I think we can deal with it. Our luncheons may be a bit of a challenge to set up, but I'm still working on that to see if possibly we can expand into the Sonoran .
QUILT SHOW DATES: The Quilt Show dates are set for Friday setup and Saturday show on February 17th and 18th.
PILLOWCASES FOR DOG BEDS: I understand from Carleton's newsletter that they used all of the pillowcases we sent over to them and they thanked us for them. So at least we know they were of value. Thanks to all of you who donated.
QUILT OF VALOR TESTIMONIAL: I received a phone call from Twink Monrad who lives in Oro Valley and who is a friend of one of the gentlemen who received one of our Quilts of Valor . He had his leg amputated in 2012 about the time we gave him the quilt. He was a member of Old Pueblo Lapidary Club for 45 years and apparently taught classes as a volunteer. She called to tell me that the veteran, Ron Davidson, had passed away, but that during his stay in the VA hospital, he asked Twink to take care of his quilt for him. She said he would ask often whether she was still looking after his quilt. She still has the quilt in her possession and told me the quilt has graced her fireplace since she received it. Her plan now is to present it to another veteran. Below is the story she sent me as well as a picture of the quilt. Does anyone know who made it? It is lovely.
My Ron Davidson Quilt
When Ron Davidson was in the Tucson Veterans’ Hospital in 2012 for some serious surgery, I went to visit him quite often. One day just before I arrived, some women from a Casa Grande, Az. quilting group had been there to present Ron with a quilt made by the members. On the back is a tag which reads:
This quilt was made for you with love and caring by the Palm Creek Quilters from Casa Grande, Az - 2012
Thanks for all you have done to protect each of us and all that America stands for. The quilt features some red, white and blue patriotic prints plus some folk art such as a cat, watermelon, sunflowers, a bird and some hearts.
Ron asked me to take the quilt home and keep it with my quilts and other things that I have sewn. I told him I would keep it for him until he went home and then bring it to him. I asked him many times after he was home if he was ready for his quilt and he said “no, just take care of it for me.” Since 2012 it has been folded on our fireplace in our TV room so Larry and I see it many times a day and always think of Ron. I have shown it to many guests in our home to let them know how the quilters take care of our veterans. I will let the Palm Creek Quilters know what has happened with the quilt that they brought to Ron.
Twink Monrad
In addition, Twink said she had read about our quilt guild on the Palm Creek website (thank you Mary!) and was very impressed with all we do. She said since she didn't live that far away, she would love to come and visit us at some future date. We would love to have her, and what a wonderful story she shared. A special thanks to Joyce Owen and her dedicated team who not only delivered the quilts to the VA but also pieced and quilts all of the quilts.
Here's hoping everyone has a fantabulous summer. You'll more than likely be hearing from me again later on. If you are home, glad you are safe--if you are travelling, drive carefully!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Summer Hours in the Sewing Room

The Palm Creek Sewing Room regular season will end on Friday, April 15, 2016.  Providing we have monitors, the room will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 p.m to 9 p.m. each day through Friday, April 15th.

On Monday April 18, Gladys DeBonville will be coordinating monitors for the room.  Summer hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  IF monitors are available and another person is also present, the room can be open for 5.5 hours each day, Monday through Friday.

A calendar for April and May will be at the sign-in desk in the quilt room.  After Friday, May 27th the schedule will be revisited for the summer months.

If you can monitor between April 18th and May 27th please either sign up on the calendar in the sewing room or call Gladys at park phone #7806.

Accuquilt Studio Cutter
The cutter will be available for use by the summer quilters. Gladys (the summer quilter monitor ), will be responsible for overlooking the operation of the machine during this time.
As a reminder, in order to operate the machine, one needs to have been trained. If you are not confident when using the machine or have not been trained over the winter, please contact Gladys for assistance when using the Accuquilt Studio cutter. Thanks and happy cutting.

Linda Hays