Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1 Newsletter

An Amazing Job! Well Done!

Thank you to everyone who put their hearts and backs into making our quilt show happen! Special thanks to Judy Currie and Wendy Newton who chaired the quilt show committee, as well as the various committee chairs, the worker bees and the innocent bystanders who got roped into helping. The incredible works of heart made the show outstanding. We have so many talented members and the scope and breadth of your talent dazzled our guests. Thanks to all for the donations for the various raffles and for making our quilt show the amazing success it was, once again.

Judy Currie has generously offered to continue a chair/co-chair for the 2017-18 Quilt Show. We need a fellow chair/co-chair to assist her in this enormous endeavor. Wendy Newton wore numerous hats during this year's quilt show--co-chair, advertising and set-up--she would like to remain as set-up committee chair. Jenny Schweiterman has volunteered to do the advertising committee with Wendy's assistance with graphics.

Thanks to Bev Rodgers has donated a doll bed for next season and the Doll Club has volunteered to create the wardrobe for next year's Doll raffle. Sue Leeson and her many minions have been busily working on a Judy Niemeyer quilt for the raffle, as well! Thank you!

Pat Slagter will be announcing the Guild Challenge for 2018 so you can plan ahead for it! The entries for this year's challenge of "This is where I live" were clever and creative. Looking forward to next year's entries.

  Pat Fryer will be here the week of March 6th with fabric to sell and to pick up quilts for anyone needing some quilting done. Please be sure to make arrangements with Pat for the return of your quilt if you are leaving by the end of March.

St Patrick's Day Luncheon--Thursday, March 9th after the meeting--last chance to buy your ticket at our meeting on Thursday.

  Elections  Thank you to Marilynn Barbour and her election's committee for hunting down...and not letting them get away...the wonderful Jean Prevost, who has agreed to another one year term, and Mary Lee Jones...our newest board members for the 2017-18 season. (Motion by Marilynn, seconded by Linda Blessing).

A huge thank you to Mary Williams who has fulfilled her term as a Board member and coordinated all of those amazing classes for us. A woman in a class all of her own! Thank you, Mary!

A HUGE shout out to our current board members--June Griepp, Grace McKay (Betty Brake), Joan Salter, Mary Williams and Jean Prevost--for their unfailing professionalism, energy and commitment to our Guild. Make sure that you stop them in the next month and give them a big hug because, truly, words are not enough to cover all the sewing time they've given up on our behalf and the hours that they've put in!

  Block of the Week--Congrats to Jan Ransome for winning the mug rugs donated by Jean Prevost. Anyone who is leaving and needs to buy the rest of the blocks, can do so. ($0.50 for each block)

Accuquilt Training--One last training this season--Thursday, March 9th @ 9 a.m.  If you need assistance after Thursday to use the Accuquilt machine, please contact a committee member and we will be pleased to help you!

Linda Hays and Penny Highet will be co-teaching an accuquilt class in the fall (mid Novemberish) using the Accuquilt feathers dies. Collect your fabrics over the summer!

New Classes:  Abbey Lane Bag--March 15th

Classes are winding down. Special to our amazing teachers with hearts of gold who have donated their time and expertise so that we can take a class for five bucks, five bucks! We have so many generous women who willingly share with us so that we can learn new techniques and create amazing new projects. Have a wonderful summer! You are so appreciated.

Joan Salter will be in the sewing room on Tuesdays and on Thursdays after the meeting. Please feel free to remove your machine/stash stuff if you are packing up and just return your cable for your refund on one of those days when you see her.

Suggestions!? Do you have a suggestion for something that might help our quilt room run more efficiently? Or a handy dandy tool or idea that might make your fellow quilters jump with joy? Please put your suggestions in the Suggestion box with your name, site # and phone number/email address. We will be thinking about purchases and changes to our room after the summer.

Did you hear that they are moving our little Log Quilt Cabin? We will be found on the Street of Dreams near the Lawn Bowling Greens next season. We will have ample parking, landscaping and be at ground level. At this point, we don't know much stay tuned!

Newsletter list...have you updated your preferences and information? Scroll to the bottom and do so this week. Last call...we will deleting anyone who hasn't updated their info...except Joan Meister, who actually does live at 555! You know how June likes to clean up!!!!

A note from a member:

I am a fellow quilter at Palm Creek. Today I was shopping/browsing at Mesa Marketplace, space C55, Lori's Country Corner. I know some of our quilters occasionally shop there for fabric. Lori, the owner, will not be carrying fabrics after this season but will continue with crafts. Many of her fabrics are already on sale @20% off with more being included each week- 3/3 fat quarters, strips, unit fabrics; 3/17 camping and golf themes;  3/24 SW fabrics/SW batiks. Thought you might want to include this in the weekly newsletter if appropriate.

Valorie Schuelke


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