Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 14 Newsletter

Raffle on Thursday!!!! Bring your money!!! Only put in one side of your tickets!!!!

  Sewing Room Etiquette--please remember to use a quiet, inside voice in the sewing room and to make telephone calls outside of the room.
Also, please be sure to check with the whole room to see if there are any objections before spraying any quilts in the room. :)

  Pat Fryer
will return on March 24th at 10 a.m. She will be bringing some fabric for sale at that time.

Packing Schedule--there are rumours....??? Penny wasn't at the meeting and forgot to ask Grace for clarification on her notes on this item. Come to the meeting on Thursday to find out the scuttlebutt!

Jan Ernst, the guild member who had a fall in our meeting a couple of weeks ago, broke her hip upon impact from the fall and had to have a partial hip replacement. She is currently living in her shed because she can't access her rig. She lives at Site #544 and would welcome company...perhaps a meal for two from some of our great cooks?!

Suggestions for things to purchase--all suggestions are considered and discussed with regards to the amount of usage that they might have in our sewing room. Some suggestions of different types of rulers were discussed--10 degree ruler (we already have a 9 degree), strip tube ruler, 60 degree ruler. Suggestions for accuquilt dies have been included for the fall committee discussions.

Accuquilt Machine-- FYI we've added two new dies to our Accuquilt family. Due to popular demand, we now have a 5" strip cutter which can be used to make borders, etc. and will also work to make charm squares....great way to use up your stash. Just a reminder that as well, we have 1.5", 2.5", and now 5" dies to make strips. Many beautiful projects online at accuquilt as well as in the binder in the sewing room. We will be packing up the Accuquilt Studio Centre last week of March for the move so you still have time to get your cutting for any summer projects done! Have a great day and stay cool!!!!!!

Thanks extended to Carol Preville for chairing the Accuquilt Committee, along with worker bees, Sue Leeson, Normalee McMullen and Penny Highet.

Discussion is in the works about possibly having a Quilt Artist to come and do a class. Suggestion of Laura Heine who has a wonderful Quilt shop in Billings Montana to come. She does the fabulous bears, elephants, etc.

  Special thanks to all of the wonderful leaders of all of our Clubs! We appreciate your time and wisdom. Thank you for sharing!

Quilt til You Wilts--2017-2018 Season Volunteers

Do you have an idea for a Quilt til you wilt evening? We try to have one every month. We need volunteers to plan the event. We have some volunteers...

December/17--we need you!!!!!
January/18--Carol Tata
February 14/18--Marilynn Barbour & Gwen Borgen
March/18--we need you!!!!

Cubbies/Lockers-- Joan Salter will be available all day Tuesday and after the meetings on Thursday to turn in your cables and get your refund.

  Classes for 2017-18 Season

Please let Mary Lee Jones know if you have and suggestions for classes you might like to see or to teach in the Fall of 2017 or Spring of 2018.

Quilt Show Challenge for Pat Slagter
As you know, the words in our language often have several meanings and that is certainly true of the word, I have chosen to present to you in our Quilt Challenge for February, 2018. Only 11 months away! Plenty of time to ponder and plan your masterpiece! Like this year, please make your projects at least 16 " X 16"--no pot holders--no lap quilts--and no wall murals! We now have a better idea about how to stage them at the show and hopefully, we will have a band shell area to display them. You may use whatever method you like to present your project: piecing, applique, landscape, embroidery, mixed media, panels or whole cloth...or a combination of these.
Each entry must be quilted, bound appropriately, and titled/named. I will give you the quilt challenge word in a moment. You must use the word in your title--you may NOT use the word only. Add at least one word, or add a phrase--a well known phrase or one that you invent--you may also add an ending or prefix to the word. The Word is BLUE! Happy Quilting!

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