Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 8 Newsletter

** We're Moving...and Expanding!

Plans are in the works but it's confirmed that we are moving. Next season, we will be located just north of the Lawn Bowling Green. We will be at ground level.

Changes we can expect:
* we are being given the current storage room, which we will be developing as a classroom, and continue to use for storage. Lighting and electrical will need to be added by the park.
* we will adding another bank of lockers/cubbies where our current storage is and move our storage area to the opposite end.
* park will be installing more lights to brighten our walk to the bathrooms by the lawn bowling green which is 100 steps away...a good stretch to work the kinks out after sitting for a while!
* self locking doors so monitors won't have to wait for a ranger to lock up the room at the end of their shift.

Changes we are hoping for:
* a new floor
* a reverse-osmosis water system versus distilled water for our irons

All Groups are asked to pack up their "stuff" and label everything to go into the storage pod being provided by the park. This should be completed by March 31/17. The park will a provide temperature controlled room for our sewing machine rentals and for our cutting mats.

Need Volunteers to pack up general use items at the end of March. We will feel better knowing that we have carefully packed items for the move--beginning quilt supplies, kitchen stuffs, ottlights, sewing machine rental boxes, etc.

Pat Fryer will be in the room TOMORROW! Wednesday, March 8th at 10 a.m. She will have fabric for sale and pick up quilts for quilting. If you are leaving at the end of March, you will need to make arrangements with her for delivery back to you!

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon is on Thursday, March 9th after the meeting. Ticket sales closed last week.  ****Please note the Sewing Room won't open until 1 p.m.

Quilts of Valor--please finish up any quilts you may have and bring them in so that they can be distributed.

Quilt Show--Karen Gittleman has volunteered to co-chair the Quilt Show with Judy Currie. Yayyyyy! Thank you for stepping forward, Karen.

Deloris, our wonderful pianist for the Quilt Show, thanked us all for giving her the opportunity to play for the Quilt Show. She shared that we are flowers that help to fill her vase since she lost her husband a year ago. We are definitely the lucky ones to have her magical fingers tickling the ivories!

Quilt Show Challenge for Pat Slagter As you know, the words in our language often have several meanings and that is certainly true of the word, I have chosen to present to you in our Quilt Challenge for February, 2018. Only 11 months away! Plenty of time to ponder and plan your masterpiece! Like this year, please make your projects at least 16 " X 16"--no pot holders--no lap quilts--and no wall murals! We now have a better idea about how to stage them at the show and hopefully, we will have a band shell area to display them. You may use whatever method you like to present your project: piecing, applique, landscape, embroidery, mixed media, panels or whole cloth...or a combination of these.
Each entry must be quilted, bound appropriately, and titled/named. I will give you the quilt challenge word in a moment. You must use the word in your title--you may NOT use the word only. Add at least one word, or add a phrase--a well known phrase or one that you invent--you may also add an ending or prefix to the word. The Word is BLUE! Happy Quilting!

Volunteering Makes our Quilt Guild Work!!!
Linda Eliason spoke to the Guild about how our Guild has grown, continues to grow and's because of our volunteers. In order for our wonderful sewing room to continue to operate efficiently and to be able to do all of the things that we do, we need folks to step up and donate some of their time and energy. That means folks new to the group need to get involved! It also means that the wisdom and energy of the Elders needs to continue to be shared in all events and operations. Bring a new idea from your guild...teach a class....take your turn monitoring the room...chair or volunteer for a committee for a month, two months, or the season. Allow your name to stand for the Board come election time. Get involved so that our sewing room continues to be the happening place that it is!

On that note...a special thank you to all of the committee chairs and volunteers for this season! You are wonderful and we are a guild because of your hard work and contributions!

Janome Training--
Friday, March 10th at 9 a.m. This will be the last Janome training in the room for this season.

Monitors--Joan Salter will be available all day Tuesday and after the meetings on Thursday to turn in your cables and get your refund.

FART Trip Committee for next season will be Linda Blessing, Joyce Hesketh and Judy Patterson. Thanks ladies for taking on planning our shop hops! We look forward to once again shopping til we're dropping with our awesome Guild Sisters!

Classes open for registration this week:

Abbey Lane Bag and Pincushion  Wed. March 15   9:00-4:00

Sweatshirt to Cardigan  Wed.  March 15  4:00 - ?  (Bring your supper!)

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