Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Season's Final Newsletter

MIA!!!!  Missing our 30 cup coffee pot from the sewing room.   If you borrowed it for an event and have it at your house or know of its whereabouts , please call June at 7281. 

  Moving Schedule--Packing is in the works. The Pod will be loaded on Thursday and selected tables, etc.  will be moved to the Ocotillo Room on Friday for set-up and storage. No schedule yet for the Ocotillo Room but Jean will work on that as soon as it is humanly possible to set up the room.

Thanks to all of the Board for their leadership in making our move successful. We know that lots of wine and kudos are needed for such a job!

Champagne Brunch
--April 13th @ 10 a.m. in North Pavilion.  Bring your own coffee...can't find our coffee pot!!! For more info, contact Marilyn Goeken

If the weather is nice, the Brunch crew will gather at the North Pavilion.  Otherwise, the Santan Room will be available...  Brunch will be served at 10 a.m., so be on time!!
It’s game time, so if you would like to participate, please bring six (6) 2 ½” BATIK strips to the party.  It should be fun!!

Members List 2017--The current membership list was sent via email to all members currently on our list.

http://facebook.us14.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=69ecb7e6a1ad6e7ae04b7fcb1&id=8d259c8a8c&e=4e1e7cf06f Block of the Week-2017-18   http://facebook.us14.list-manage.com/track/click?u=69ecb7e6a1ad6e7ae04b7fcb1&id=1ea30a3083&e=4e1e7cf06f

Click on BOW photos to download pics for your shopping/stash referencing. Click here to download yardage info. :)

Classes 2017-18 Teachers!
Want to let everyone know about an upcoming class and the fabric requirements so they can plan ahead? Send me the info by email and I can send it out in an email to the Guild so that they can shop or search their stash!

Want to teach a class or have a suggestion for a class? Contact Mary Lee Jones and let her know!

Homeless Quilts
--Carol Janzen from the PC Park makes quilts for adult homeless folks in CG. Will take almost anything that would not be suitable for Community Quilts or Quilts of Valor if you are destashing.

Quilts of Valor--the Gentleman who won this year's QOV quilt this year at the Quilt Show has a group that has committed to making a walnut quilt stand for next year's quilt show that will be donated in 2018...and every year thereafter.

Serger Club--40 shrugs where donated to the Oasis Nursing Centre where our dear Flo was. 8 shrugs were donated to cancer patients and a scarf was made for a number of the main Park staff members.  Thanks to Debbie Oliver and Ahna Marie Ericksen for their time and expertise in helping the Serger Club learn how to use their machines!


Baby Blankets and Onesies--40 sets went to the Pregnancy Centre and the rest were delivered to the hospital. They were very appreciative of the bundles of cuteness! Thanks to Jan Masselink for organizing this community project and Quilt til you Wilt!

Humpday UFO Not-a-Club on Wednesdays coming up in the fall 2017-18 Season so bring your projects in the works to work on!

Peg Keenan said a farewell to all of us as this is her last year in the Park. She shared that she was there in the beginning 19 years ago when the guild was a fledgling! Thank you to Peg and Connie for getting us going so many years ago. Many friendships, much laughter and lots of hugs and projects have resulted because of your vision. We wish you well! Keep in touch. <3

Everyone is moving into summer mode! To those of you not returning to the park, thank you for sharing your projects and love of quilting with us! We wish you well in all your continued endeavours.

Travel safe, shop lots, quilt til you wilt, love up your families and
see you again soon...
on Facebook or in the coming season

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