Palm Creek Quilters and Sewers
Registration for Classes

Classes will be announced in the monthly calendars, periodic newsletter emails and on the bulletin board in the sewing room.

Registration for classes will be held at the weekly Quilters and Sewers Meeting held on Thursday mornings in the Ballroom.  Registration for classes will begin at 9:30am before the meeting begins at 10:00am.   If you can’t attend a meeting to sign up for a class, you may ask a friend to sign up for you.

Classes will usually be opened for registration at the meeting 5 weeks prior to the scheduled class.  Nominal fees will be charged for classes and must be paid in full at the time of registration.  Under normal circumstances, there are no refunds.  If the instructor needs to order patterns and prepare supplies, classes will be closed 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date. 

If you have registered for a class and find that you cannot attend, please contact the teacher to let her know.  You may find another sewer to take your place.

A supply list and any instructions for “homework” will be given to those who pay the fee and register for a class.

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