Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 15 newsletter

 Sign up for January classes has begun. Reminder that you have to be at a meeting on Thursday to sign up for a class. Sign up at 10:00 before meeting and then immediately after the meeting.

Our last meeting went to the dogs! A great deal of discussion at our last meeting about saving scraps for dog beds! Carlton’s has told us that they will accept our scraps if we provide old pillow cases for them to fill. After much discussion, ranging from us doing it all to going back full circle to Carlton’s doing it, there is now a bin on the white shelf under the embroidery bulletin board for you to put OLD pillow cases if you are so inclined. So bring your old pillow cases in and add them to the doggy pillow case bin. Chao and her husband, John, will deliver the scraps and cases to Carlton’s as before. Thanks to them for taking care of this for the club.

And speaking of Pillow Cases….NEW Pillow Cases, this time….Thanks to everyone who contributed yardage at our Christmas Luncheon for the Quilt til you Wilt scheduled for February where we will make pillow cases for the Foster Children of Pinal County. It was a pleasure to watch Patt Anthony and Linda Eliason sorting the contributions of wonderful children’s fabrics and even some pillow cases already completed. Thanks to Patt and Linda for their continued leadership to our club. Make sure you sign up for the Quilt til you Wilt when Mary puts it on the calendar and come out for some fun, frivolity and fabric fiddling!

A gentle reminder about respect
·       When there is a speaker in a meeting, please do not whisper to your neighbour, the folks around you are trying to listen to the speaker.
·       When you get a phone call in the sewing room, please quietly answer and continue your conversation once you are outside of the room.
·       Remember that folks are trying to concentrate in the sewing room…socializing is a huge part of who we are, but be respectful of the folks working around you and in the rest of the room.

 June’s Tip of the Week:  Did you know when you sew? 
Thread-wrapped round and round on the spool goes on your machine vertically. Cross wound spool goes on your machine horizontally.  Having your thread correctly oriented on your machine allows the thread to come off the spool more easily and eases your machine’s operation.

FART Trips—January 13th and 29th…check the January calendar.

Monitoring—there are still some vacancies for December and at this time, the room will be closed unless someone can monitor at those times. If you can monitor and would like to keep the room open, please talk to June.

Special Thanks to the Raffle Quilt crew who sell tickets for our quilts and the American Girl doll at our Tuesday craft fairs!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our First Meeting

Our first Quilt Guild Meeting of the season will be on Thursday, November 5 at 10:15 in the Palm Creek Ballroom.

We hope you will join us!

Palm Creek Quilt Guild meets every Thursday morning. Class registration begins a 10 a.m. and then closes until after the meeting which begins at 10:15 a.m. (Class registration open for another 15 minutes after the meeting). Come and join our energetic group at our guild meeting or in the sewing room and sew your own projects, community projects, class projects, Quilt til you Wilt events, or Quilts of Valor. We like to sew and laugh...not necessarily in that order. 

Our meetings give you great information about upcoming classes, guild events and our club happenings. Bring one or two projects for 'Sew and Tell' or buy tickets for our monthly guild raffles of wonderful tools and materials (you have to be there to buy and to win! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! 

For more information about our sewing room and club, come to the Sewing Room and talk to the Monitor volunteering for duty. 

***if you can't find us in the ballroom, sometimes we are relocated to the Santan room if there are special events in the ballroom.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Party's Getting Started!

We've had about 20 ladies in the sewing room each of the "open" afternoons in the last several weeks.  The crowd is growing and we're having a great time sharing our summer adventures and checking out all the new projects.   We're looking forward to seeing all our friends soon.

It's still looking a little empty.   Come join us!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Busy Summer

Most of our quilters and sewers head to other places during the summer months.  We're separated in body, but not in spirit!  We communicate via email, text, phone and Facebook sharing ideas, hints, finished projects and most importantly, help.  Some of us are lucky enough to travel and enjoy discovering quilt shops around the globe.  Occasionally some of our friends cross paths for a quilter's retreat or just a lunch and shopping trip.  We're all looking forward to getting back together in our winter home at Palm Creek soon.

Tina's  "Scrambled Eggs" in California

A Palm Creek gathering in Alberta, Canada

Diana and Cappy at a retreat in Washington State

Holly's eagle in Michigan

Morene's mandela in Manitoba