We have lots of busy sewers here at Palm Creek

The sewing room will be open for use only when a monitor is present and there is at least one other person in attendance.  Monitors will announce a warning of closing time as it nears.

All residents of Palm Creek are welcome to use the sewing room, and should “sign in” when arriving to use the room – and “sign out” when finished for the day.  There is no charge to use the room.

Sewers are responsible for using all machines and equipment properly.
Personal machines and supplies may be kept in the sewing room as space is available.  Lockers or machine cubbies and cables may be rented for $5.00 per season.  Lockers and cubbies will be emptied at the end of the season and the $5.00 returned.

Rental machines may be obtained from the monitor and returned at the end of the sewing session.  Renters should inform the monitor of any problems or broken parts on the machine and must clean the machine before returning it to the monitor.

Sewers should be considerate of other sewers and use only one work space when the room is busy.

All machines and equipment must be put away at the end of the last sewing session of the day.

Teachers may reserve work spaces for their classes and set up for class at the end of the session prior to their scheduled class.

Sewers should clean up their area and wash off their work table when they are finished using it.  Please report any maintenance needs to the monitor.

When using the ironing boards, applique sheets should be used any time an adhesive type fabric is being pressed.

When using spray adhesive such as “505”, please use the rear (west) cutting table or go outside.  Try to plan to use spray at a time when the room is less busy.  Always ask others in the sewing room if they have objections to the use of the spray.  Be aware of quilts hanging on the design wall or machines on nearby work tables that may need to be covered.

Please help keep our room neat and tidy by “picking up” the common areas of the room as you use them.

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