Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 1 Newsletter

Thursday meeting to be held in Ballroom—please note that chairs will already be set up for Chorus performance. We have been given the okay to have our meeting there but have been asked NOT to rearrange chairs in any way and to leave the room as we have found it.
Tickets for catered lunch Social Gathering to be held Thursday, March 10th after the meeting will be on sale on Thursday at meeting. This will be your last opportunity to purchase tickets ($11.00). The committee needs to know numbers to order lunch. Olive Garden! Yum! Yum! Come dressed to the Nines…all dolled up and ready to celebrate a great season!!!
Tin Can Flowers—did you lend the staging crew tin can flowers for the Quilt Show? The Art Club fell in love with them and would like to borrow some for their Art Club Grand Opening on Sunday. If you are able to lend some, please contact June Griepp Site 1281—ph. 7281 or cell 612-384-6347
Quilt Show Committee Chair Meeting—Wed., March 9th @ 1 pm at Judy Currie’s—Site 661. Please bring your written committee report or email it to Judy.
Classes—see attached revised calendar in files. Register for classes @ 10 a.m. before Thursday meetings.
Lockers *singing her best Elvis impersonation* …and now…the end is near….time to face…the final curtain… The season is drawing to a close for many of us. Please remember to ‘check out’ with Sally (Park ph. 6694) to turn in your key or cable and get your $5 refund. No machines or personal belongings can be left over the summer. (only exception is full-time residents).
We wish you all safe travels and happy quilting wherever the road may take you! We look forward to seeing you again soon or on Facebook over the summer.