Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 Newsletter

Sew What's New?!

  Lockers and Stash Storage! 

Good Morning
   Joan Salter will be in the Sewing room to assign cubbies/lockers Today (sorry for the late notice...Penny has been ill), Wednesday and Thursday morning 10-12am.  Joan also wants to remind the ladies that the larger White cubbies are for the larger sewing machines only.  Please bring $5.00 for the deposit.

For those of you who are new to Sewing Room, you need to already be physically in the park to book a locker and stash locker.

   Our first Thursday morning Palm Creek Quilt Guild meeting is November 3rd in the SanTan Room! Hopefully we can accommodate everyone, but it will be cozy!

Mary Williams has already been working hard to get our speakers and programs set up for the year.  She also wants to hear from you if you have an exciting new project you would like to teach.  Remember, we need all of your help, ideas, input, participation and enthusiasm.   We welcome back all of our talented teachers and are excited to see what new projects you have in store.

Mary Williams has the November calendar ready, already filled up with lots of classes!  It's subject to change, of course... (Click on link to view and save pdf calendar) 

  Calling All Monitors

Fall weather is upon us and November isn't far ahead!  I know lots of people are looking forward to being back at Palm Creek and connecting with their sewing and quilting friends again.  Our first Thursday morning Guild meeting is November 3rd and at that meeting we'll be filling in any missing spots in the November calendar for the week following the meeting.

We understand that the Activities Office will be open starting Monday, October 17th.  We're not certain if that means a key person will be available for evenings, for instance, but we'll find out soon.  If you are available to monitor in October, please let me know and I'll make certain a filled-out calendar is printed and posted in the sewing room.

In order to have our room open as much as possible, I would like to begin filling out the November Monitor Calendar also.  A reminder of the Sewing/Quilting Room Monitor shifts:

Morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.)
Afternoon (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
Evening (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.)

If at least one other person does not come to use the room after 30 minutes, you should close the room for your shift and not remain there alone.

This early request is primarily for those that prefer to do the same "shift" every week on a specific day or days.  The sooner we get you on the calendar, the more likely you'll get your preferred time.

Please respond to Jean Prevost by emailing her at with the following:
1) day of week (Sunday, Monday, etc.)
2) time (Morning, Afternoon or Evening)
3) Your first and last name
4) Phone where you can be reached (park phone or mobile)
5) Specific date when you can start

You can also text Jean at 612-804-1915 if that's easier, and be certain to include the info listed above.

Unless otherwise stated, I'll fill in the calendar with a "recurring"
assignment for you.  Include anything else you think I should know!

We'll begin Monitor Training as soon as possible in early November.

An early Thank You for being a monitor so we can all enjoy our great facility!


   A Message for you from our dear friend, Ellie....

Dearest Penny and my awesome quilting friends at Palm Creek,
 Jack and I are not able to return to PC this winter, as I am having my ankle replacement surgery on Nov. 2nd.  Any and all prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated🙏😊.  We are selling our Motorhome, and enjoying our family this winter.  Our hope is to be back next year, if only to rent for a couple of months.  I will and DO, miss you all.  Happy quilting to all of my PC quilting family.  Love. Ellie

A Message from your Communicator

Please help to make communicating with you easier!

Board/Committee Heads...and anyone else...

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Travel Safe to Palm Creek! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the coming Palm Creek 2016-17 season!