Thursday, December 14, 2017


In case you haven't heard, the sewing room is officially open as of today. Monitors are on duty. Hours are 10 am to 4 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm, daily provided a monitor is available. Community Quilts and Quilts of Valor will commence Friday morning at 10 am. Monitor training is also available tomorrow morning at 10 am. CLasses will resume as scheduled.
Quilt Til You WIlt night has been rescheduled to THURSDAY evening, January 11th. Kits of appliqued blocks are available in the sewing room to be sewn into donation quilts. You provide the fabric for sashing, borders, etc. or ask Julie Langwell about available donated fabric. Work on your kit at Quilt Til You Wilt night or at your leisure. $5 will get you a fabulous dinner and a great evening of sewing fun.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December 12 Newsletter

Sew What's New? December 12, 2017
A huge part of our sewing room not being open is the missing of the collective gathering of our wonderful gals in a place that's our own, where we can laugh with, learn with, grow with, commiserate with...and sew with, of course. We miss sewing together, but what we really miss, is our friends. Looking forward to the time that we are together in our sewing room...and God willing, our prayers will be answered and it will be soon!
Our Sewing room is set up and ready to go. Cubbies where assigned after the meeting. Anyone now requesting a Cubbie please see Joanie Salter (Board member) at the regular Thurs. Meetings. This is the only time Joanie has set aside. When the room is open she may change the times that she can assist you.
Most classes are on hold until we find out when the City will inspect the building and give us an occupancy certificate
Wonder Women!!!! A standing ovation and heartfelt gratitude was extended to our Board members (and their significant others) at our last meeting for their selfless contribution to moving our sewing room once again and ensuring it is set up and ready for us to move in. We appreciate their many efforts and the gift of their time on our behalves.
Please remember all December Meetings in Sonora South at 10.15 AM
We are doing a Block of the Week in memory of Nancy Duitsman.(She was originally spearheading this BOW and made the sample quilt which has been gifted to Suze Pezzano by Will, her hubby)
Shari Ansitall and Jean Prevost have taken up the reins on this BOW. Pickup a copy of the information at the meetings. The blocks will run every week until March 15, 2018. When you finish each block, you can bring the block to the meeting. You then receive the next block pattern and a chance to enter the weekly draw. Pattern Pieces can be purchased for .50 cents each. If you leave before March 15, 2017 you can also purchase the pattern pieces you need. Come out and enjoy the fun. The quilt will be displayed so you can get extra information on how the finished Quilt looks.
CANCELLED! It doesn't look like we will have access to the sewing room for this Wednesday night Quilt Til You Wilt so it will be postponed to a later date. We will let you know when it has been rescheduled. If you are unable to attend the newly scheduled time we will refund your money.
Most classes are on hold until we find out when the City will inspect the building and give us an occupancy certificate.
Two new class sign-ups for this Thursday. These classes are dependent on having a room to hold class in by January.
1. Lauri Heine Class Taught by Gail Shannon 1/13 from 10-4, $45
Gail Shannon will be here in PC for a Trunk Show on 1/4 and will have class patterns for sale, or they can be purchased at quilt stores or online.
2. Frog Pin Cushion Taught by Liz Ploppert 1/17 9-11am $15 plus pattern & supplies
No automatic alt text available.

Quilt Show meeting will be in January--TBA.
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Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4,2017 Newsletter

Pack your trunks! We're on the move again!

THURSDAY MEETING & LUNCHEON RELOCATION TO BISTRO!!!   Due to the chorus performance, we are unable to use the Sonora South and North for our meeting and luncheon on Thursday so we are relocating to the Bistro, I.e., The Pantry patio. Dress appropriately in case the weather is cool. Meeting at 10:15 with class sign ups at 9:45 am. It will be fun and will show how flexible we quilters can be. See you there. At that time June will also update you on the status of the sewing room. It is all good.

If you have signed up for luncheon remember its after meeting on Dec. 7th. The Luncheon Committee may need 45 minutes to 1 hour to set up.

Our NEW sewing room is beautiful.  Although not quite ready for occupancy, the furniture is being moved from the Ocotillo Room and consequently there is no more open sewing in the Ocotillo Room.  We are waiting for a rail on the handicap ramp and city approval.  In the meantime, your ambitious Board members and Committee Chairs are hard at work organizing every inch of the room, so when you arrive you can sit down and sew in comfort!!  We will let you know ASAP when we get the "green light."  It shouldn't be LONG!!

Cutting Tables and Cabinets in place and clean.  Cubbies have been cleaned.

New cubbies should arrive sometime in next week, maybe by next meeting. Floors have been washed.  Pod will  be unloaded by the maintenance crew and delivered to the sewing room.

Octotillo Room--Move your sewing machine by Tuesday....yes....Tomorrow!

If you have a sewing machine stored in the Ocotillo Room, please remove it tomorrow morning, Tuesday, as all of the Sewing Room furniture and supplies will be removed from the room. There will be no open sewing in the Ocotillo room for the remainder of the time. Any sewing machines left in the room when the room is emptied on Tuesday will be moved to the sewing room and locked up.

CUBBIE ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE.    On Thursday afternoon, December 7th, Joan Salter will be assigning cubbies in the "new" sewing room.   Check the schedule below and determine what time you should arrive in the sewing room to be assigned your cubbie.   You are welcome to bring your machine and store it, BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THE ROOM IS NOT OPEN SO IF YOU LEAVE YOUR MACHINE YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO IT.  If you cannot make the allotted time, you can send a friend or representative in your place.    No shows go to the bottom of the list or Joanie may have sympathy on you if you call her!! 

Times          signing up numbers
1:30 - 1:45        1-20
1:45 - 2:00       20 - 40
2:00 - 2:15       41 - 60
2:15 - 2:30       61 - 80
2:30 - 2:45       81 - 100
2:45 - 3:00      101 - 120
3:00 - 3:15      121 - 140

Embroidery Club to meet from 4-6 PM on Tuesdays in the Octotillo Room
No need for Embroidery machines yet.

Quilt till you Wilt information.  Weds Dec 13th if possible.  Marilyn Goeken will displays items and explain what they are looking for in the way of help for Community Quilters on Dec 7th.

Beginning Quilting with Linda Dey will being in January

Adv Beginning Quilting with Jean Prevost will begin in January also.

Next week we will begin Signup for Phoenix Bus trip to Craft and Quilt Show  January.  26th. It is a Friday. This will conflict with the Welcome Home, but the buses are booked and not avaiable for the Saturday   Fee is $ 27.00 this will include your ticket for the show plus your ride to the show on the bus.

Marilyn Goeken may need help for the Welcome Home Party table. We always sell Quilt and Doll Raffle tickets then and with so may gone she may need  extra people.

We are trying to get something organized for the Block of the week that Nancy Duitsman (who passed away this summer) was going to do organize.   Trying to see if its fesiable for Jan. Feb and March


Some folks have indicated that their newsletter is going into their spam/junk folder. Once you find it....right click on my name and email address and choose 'add to my contacts' or create new contact. This will add me to your contact list and should help get it into your inbox.

(and your newsletter gal is on the move too...sending this from Salt Lake City...see you in a few days!!!!)

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November 29 Newsletter

This will be quick...not cutesy! Your newsletter gal is trying to get things tied up so she can get to AZ...rental issues abound and it's the end of the month! Thanks to Grace for the notes from the last meeting. Welcome to all the new Quilters joining our guild!

Meeting on Nov 30th Different time than regular meetings. Room sharing to blame.
Santan Room  Class sign up at 9.00 till 9.30 AM
                         Reg meeting 9.30 AM

Quilt Room update. A Ramp is being built.  There is painting that is being done. Design boards were installed thanks to our wonderful Board members and their spouses. We are blessed. So far no  final info on move in date.

Christmas Luncheon  Marilyn Goeken  The meal is being catered. $15.00 Dec 7th.
Last signup date in Nov.30th at the meeting.

Quilt till you wilt Community Quilts. Dec 13, 2017  4.00  to 9.00PM  approx come join us for a fun and productive evening.   Pieces of quilts that will need to be sewn etc.
Julie Langwell and Marilyn Goeken in charge

Classes MaryLee Jones

Accuquilt training hoping to have this sometime in Dec.

Janome Training hoping to be in Dec after in building. If you need to be trained sooner, because you want to rent a machine contact Sue Leeson

Tuft Footstool Class by Jenny S.  Dec 12 and 15  Sign up Nov 30th.

Muggy Ruggy class on Dec 11. 1- 4 P.M. Jean Prevost room avaiable.

Adv Beginner still available. Jean Prevost    Maybe at a later date.

Cubbies and Lockers still some space for signup  contact Joanie Salter or check out signup sheet in Ocotillo Room.

Marilyn Goeken said we had a great a beginning at the  Craft Fair for our Quilt Raffle.

Nice letter from Julie Wolfe's husband who received a Quilt of Valor.

Quilt Show Quilt Challenge....clarification....the colour 'Blue' does not have to be used in the quilt...just the theme 'Blue'.

 Suze P talked about Nancy Duitsman who passed away suddenly this summer, and will keep us informed about a memorial to be held when her husband, Will, arrives in the park

  Our condolences to the family and friends of Renee Yaeger, one of our Quilters, who recently passed away. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Meeting Announcement for Thursday, November 9

Don’t forget to show up at this Thursday’s Guild mtg Nov 9th, as there is class sign up for Advanced Beginner by Jean Prevost and Elephant Class (BJ Designs) by Sally Schaeffer.
There will also be sign up for....
Volunteer help at craft fairs to sell raffle tickets
December 7th luncheon $15
Quilt Till You Wilt December 13th $5(dinner).
And last but not least, please come prepared to volunteer to host one of our Guild luncheons.
Our 2017-2018 Season has begun.   Unfortunately, our Sewing Room move and renovation has not been completed.  We are temporarily sharing some sewing spaces in the Ocotillo Room.  The room is available on:
     Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons  1:00-4:00
     Saturday and Sunday   10:00am to 4:00pm
Our weekly guild meetings are still being held on Thursday mornings at 10:15, with class registration  at 9:45.  The weekly meetings vary in location, so check back for announcements.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Season's Final Newsletter

MIA!!!!  Missing our 30 cup coffee pot from the sewing room.   If you borrowed it for an event and have it at your house or know of its whereabouts , please call June at 7281. 

  Moving Schedule--Packing is in the works. The Pod will be loaded on Thursday and selected tables, etc.  will be moved to the Ocotillo Room on Friday for set-up and storage. No schedule yet for the Ocotillo Room but Jean will work on that as soon as it is humanly possible to set up the room.

Thanks to all of the Board for their leadership in making our move successful. We know that lots of wine and kudos are needed for such a job!

Champagne Brunch
--April 13th @ 10 a.m. in North Pavilion.  Bring your own coffee...can't find our coffee pot!!! For more info, contact Marilyn Goeken

If the weather is nice, the Brunch crew will gather at the North Pavilion.  Otherwise, the Santan Room will be available...  Brunch will be served at 10 a.m., so be on time!!
It’s game time, so if you would like to participate, please bring six (6) 2 ½” BATIK strips to the party.  It should be fun!!

Members List 2017--The current membership list was sent via email to all members currently on our list. Block of the Week-2017-18

Click on BOW photos to download pics for your shopping/stash referencing. Click here to download yardage info. :)

Classes 2017-18 Teachers!
Want to let everyone know about an upcoming class and the fabric requirements so they can plan ahead? Send me the info by email and I can send it out in an email to the Guild so that they can shop or search their stash!

Want to teach a class or have a suggestion for a class? Contact Mary Lee Jones and let her know!

Homeless Quilts
--Carol Janzen from the PC Park makes quilts for adult homeless folks in CG. Will take almost anything that would not be suitable for Community Quilts or Quilts of Valor if you are destashing.

Quilts of Valor--the Gentleman who won this year's QOV quilt this year at the Quilt Show has a group that has committed to making a walnut quilt stand for next year's quilt show that will be donated in 2018...and every year thereafter.

Serger Club--40 shrugs where donated to the Oasis Nursing Centre where our dear Flo was. 8 shrugs were donated to cancer patients and a scarf was made for a number of the main Park staff members.  Thanks to Debbie Oliver and Ahna Marie Ericksen for their time and expertise in helping the Serger Club learn how to use their machines!


Baby Blankets and Onesies--40 sets went to the Pregnancy Centre and the rest were delivered to the hospital. They were very appreciative of the bundles of cuteness! Thanks to Jan Masselink for organizing this community project and Quilt til you Wilt!

Humpday UFO Not-a-Club on Wednesdays coming up in the fall 2017-18 Season so bring your projects in the works to work on!

Peg Keenan said a farewell to all of us as this is her last year in the Park. She shared that she was there in the beginning 19 years ago when the guild was a fledgling! Thank you to Peg and Connie for getting us going so many years ago. Many friendships, much laughter and lots of hugs and projects have resulted because of your vision. We wish you well! Keep in touch. <3

Everyone is moving into summer mode! To those of you not returning to the park, thank you for sharing your projects and love of quilting with us! We wish you well in all your continued endeavours.

Travel safe, shop lots, quilt til you wilt, love up your families and
see you again soon...
on Facebook or in the coming season

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 23 Newsletter

Things are winding down...and friends are going their separate ways for the's always hard to say as our Quebecois friends say...Au Revoir...Until We See you Again!

Safe travels to all as you head home or out and about to escape the Arizona heat. Remember the laughter, the hugs and the wonderful camaraderie of our sewing room as you work on projects this summer. Bring them to show us in the new season! Check into our Facebook page "Palm Creek Quilt Guild" and say hello or share what's under your needle. We look forward to touching base with those no longer able to join us through our Facebook page...see you there!  (Dang it...where's the kleenex?!)

Sewing Room Closure and Move
Our Sewing Room is closing soon to prepare for the building move.  Here are the plans.

Git Yer Stuff Outa Dodge by......All personal sewing machines and personal “stash” must be removed from the Sewing Room by 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 25th,
  • unless you plan to sew on Saturday night or Sunday, March 26th.  If you plan to sew on Sunday, March 26th you may leave your machines until 9 p.m on Sunday.  The room will close at 9pm Sunday.  If you sew on Saturday night and do not plan to return on Sunday, please take your machine with you at closing on Saturday night.
The following are exclusions to the above plan:
  • Individuals who are taking the Intermediate Quilt Class with Jean Prevost on Monday morning, March 27th, may leave their machines in the room until after the class.  Rental machines will be available for the class.  The room will be closed Monday afternoon for packing.
  • Individuals who are taking the Beginner Sewing Class with Linda Dey on Tuesday, March 28th, may leave their machines until closing at 4 p.m.  Rental machines will be available for the class. 
RENTAL MACHINES –Except for classes, the last day for rental machines is Sunday, March 26th.
No individuals other than the class registrants are allowed in the room on those two days as the room will be in a disarray due to packing and no monitors will be on duty.

Pods will be provided for storage of our sewing room equipment. Rental machines and cutting mats will be stored in the Ocotillo Room for the summer as it will be climate controlled.

Opening of the Ocotillo Room. A limited number of tables, chairs, irons and ironing boards will be brought to the Ocotillo Room for your use.  We plan to set up make-shift cutting tables.  The opening date for the Ocotillo Room has not yet been determined.   We will let you know as soon as we know probably via this newsletter and our Facebook page.  Our hope is to have it ready by Monday, April 3rd.  If it is ready ahead of time, we’ll let you know.
Champagne Brunch Farewell Party
Thursday, April 13th – 10 a.m.              North Pavilion               $5.00
Marilyn Goeken is cooking up a fantastic brunch for all of you who plan to be around on Thursday,  April 13th.  The menu sounds fantastic along with Mimosas or virgin orange juice.
Sign up at the meeting on Thursday, March 23rd, so we have a count.  The price is only $5.00.  Gladys B. will have a table set up to take your money.
If the weather is nice, we’ll gather at the North Pavilion.  Otherwise, we’ll head for the Santan Room.  Brunch will be served at 10 a.m., so be on time!!
It’s game time, so if you would like to participate, please bring six (6) 2 ½” BATIK strips to the party.  It should be fun!!
Thursday, March 23rd is our last meeting of the year.  We’ll talk a bit about the move,  hear from some of our groups, have Show and Tell and give all of you a chance to show your appreciation to those who have inspired you during the year.    Be sure to come to sign up for the Champagne Brunch,  and bid farewell to your friends that may be leaving soon.
As you know, we must reserve extra space in advance in order to accommodate our luncheon crowd.  In addition to the Santan Room we have asked for the Sonora North on the following dates for our luncheons.
Thursday, December 7, 2017 –
Thursday, January 11, 2018
Thursday, February 8, 2018
Thursday, March 8, 2018
Quilt Til You Wilt Nights 2017-18 Season
I have tentatively set up a Quilt Til You Wilt Schedule (subject to change by the chairmen) so that they are not held on the same week as our luncheons.  All dates are for Wednesday nights when the sewing room is not occupied by clubs.

December 13th, Marilyn Goeken, Chair
January 17th, Carol Tata and Cheri Messinger, Chairs
February 14th , Marilynn Barbour, Chair  (This is Valentine’s Day???)
March 14th, Penny Highet and Conscriptees

A special thank you to all the ladies who have offered to chair events for the next year.  You are so appreciated.

  Pat Fryer --Friday, March 24th @ 10 a.m.
She will have Quilts to return and some fabric for sale.

Class Registration Chairperson for the Fall of 2017 is Julie Wolf. Thanks for volunteering, Julie!

Thank you to Gladys DeBonnville for her many years of chairing, and her crew for booking us into those wonderful classes all season.

Thank you to Mary Williams who has served her term on the Guild Board and helped to schedule many amazing classes and events for us.

A huge thank you to all of our teachers this year and especially those who were teaching for the first time. It's a big step and we are grateful. Thanks, as well, to those teachers who taught multiple sessions of their projects because they were so popular. Above and beyond the call of duty!

  Block of the Week for 2017-18 supply list. Nancy Duitsman will get us a color picture to reference. I'll forward it via the newsletter when she gets it to me. :)

  • Please see removal schedule above for room closure
  • Joan Salter will be available after the meeting on Thursday to turn in your cable/keys.
Lost  --power bar from cubby which was behind my sewing machine. Contact  Linda Huntley

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 14 Newsletter

Raffle on Thursday!!!! Bring your money!!! Only put in one side of your tickets!!!!

  Sewing Room Etiquette--please remember to use a quiet, inside voice in the sewing room and to make telephone calls outside of the room.
Also, please be sure to check with the whole room to see if there are any objections before spraying any quilts in the room. :)

  Pat Fryer
will return on March 24th at 10 a.m. She will be bringing some fabric for sale at that time.

Packing Schedule--there are rumours....??? Penny wasn't at the meeting and forgot to ask Grace for clarification on her notes on this item. Come to the meeting on Thursday to find out the scuttlebutt!

Jan Ernst, the guild member who had a fall in our meeting a couple of weeks ago, broke her hip upon impact from the fall and had to have a partial hip replacement. She is currently living in her shed because she can't access her rig. She lives at Site #544 and would welcome company...perhaps a meal for two from some of our great cooks?!

Suggestions for things to purchase--all suggestions are considered and discussed with regards to the amount of usage that they might have in our sewing room. Some suggestions of different types of rulers were discussed--10 degree ruler (we already have a 9 degree), strip tube ruler, 60 degree ruler. Suggestions for accuquilt dies have been included for the fall committee discussions.

Accuquilt Machine-- FYI we've added two new dies to our Accuquilt family. Due to popular demand, we now have a 5" strip cutter which can be used to make borders, etc. and will also work to make charm squares....great way to use up your stash. Just a reminder that as well, we have 1.5", 2.5", and now 5" dies to make strips. Many beautiful projects online at accuquilt as well as in the binder in the sewing room. We will be packing up the Accuquilt Studio Centre last week of March for the move so you still have time to get your cutting for any summer projects done! Have a great day and stay cool!!!!!!

Thanks extended to Carol Preville for chairing the Accuquilt Committee, along with worker bees, Sue Leeson, Normalee McMullen and Penny Highet.

Discussion is in the works about possibly having a Quilt Artist to come and do a class. Suggestion of Laura Heine who has a wonderful Quilt shop in Billings Montana to come. She does the fabulous bears, elephants, etc.

  Special thanks to all of the wonderful leaders of all of our Clubs! We appreciate your time and wisdom. Thank you for sharing!

Quilt til You Wilts--2017-2018 Season Volunteers

Do you have an idea for a Quilt til you wilt evening? We try to have one every month. We need volunteers to plan the event. We have some volunteers...

December/17--we need you!!!!!
January/18--Carol Tata
February 14/18--Marilynn Barbour & Gwen Borgen
March/18--we need you!!!!

Cubbies/Lockers-- Joan Salter will be available all day Tuesday and after the meetings on Thursday to turn in your cables and get your refund.

  Classes for 2017-18 Season

Please let Mary Lee Jones know if you have and suggestions for classes you might like to see or to teach in the Fall of 2017 or Spring of 2018.

Quilt Show Challenge for Pat Slagter
As you know, the words in our language often have several meanings and that is certainly true of the word, I have chosen to present to you in our Quilt Challenge for February, 2018. Only 11 months away! Plenty of time to ponder and plan your masterpiece! Like this year, please make your projects at least 16 " X 16"--no pot holders--no lap quilts--and no wall murals! We now have a better idea about how to stage them at the show and hopefully, we will have a band shell area to display them. You may use whatever method you like to present your project: piecing, applique, landscape, embroidery, mixed media, panels or whole cloth...or a combination of these.
Each entry must be quilted, bound appropriately, and titled/named. I will give you the quilt challenge word in a moment. You must use the word in your title--you may NOT use the word only. Add at least one word, or add a phrase--a well known phrase or one that you invent--you may also add an ending or prefix to the word. The Word is BLUE! Happy Quilting!

March 8 Newsletter

** We're Moving...and Expanding!

Plans are in the works but it's confirmed that we are moving. Next season, we will be located just north of the Lawn Bowling Green. We will be at ground level.

Changes we can expect:
* we are being given the current storage room, which we will be developing as a classroom, and continue to use for storage. Lighting and electrical will need to be added by the park.
* we will adding another bank of lockers/cubbies where our current storage is and move our storage area to the opposite end.
* park will be installing more lights to brighten our walk to the bathrooms by the lawn bowling green which is 100 steps away...a good stretch to work the kinks out after sitting for a while!
* self locking doors so monitors won't have to wait for a ranger to lock up the room at the end of their shift.

Changes we are hoping for:
* a new floor
* a reverse-osmosis water system versus distilled water for our irons

All Groups are asked to pack up their "stuff" and label everything to go into the storage pod being provided by the park. This should be completed by March 31/17. The park will a provide temperature controlled room for our sewing machine rentals and for our cutting mats.

Need Volunteers to pack up general use items at the end of March. We will feel better knowing that we have carefully packed items for the move--beginning quilt supplies, kitchen stuffs, ottlights, sewing machine rental boxes, etc.

Pat Fryer will be in the room TOMORROW! Wednesday, March 8th at 10 a.m. She will have fabric for sale and pick up quilts for quilting. If you are leaving at the end of March, you will need to make arrangements with her for delivery back to you!

St. Patrick's Day Luncheon is on Thursday, March 9th after the meeting. Ticket sales closed last week.  ****Please note the Sewing Room won't open until 1 p.m.

Quilts of Valor--please finish up any quilts you may have and bring them in so that they can be distributed.

Quilt Show--Karen Gittleman has volunteered to co-chair the Quilt Show with Judy Currie. Yayyyyy! Thank you for stepping forward, Karen.

Deloris, our wonderful pianist for the Quilt Show, thanked us all for giving her the opportunity to play for the Quilt Show. She shared that we are flowers that help to fill her vase since she lost her husband a year ago. We are definitely the lucky ones to have her magical fingers tickling the ivories!

Quilt Show Challenge for Pat Slagter As you know, the words in our language often have several meanings and that is certainly true of the word, I have chosen to present to you in our Quilt Challenge for February, 2018. Only 11 months away! Plenty of time to ponder and plan your masterpiece! Like this year, please make your projects at least 16 " X 16"--no pot holders--no lap quilts--and no wall murals! We now have a better idea about how to stage them at the show and hopefully, we will have a band shell area to display them. You may use whatever method you like to present your project: piecing, applique, landscape, embroidery, mixed media, panels or whole cloth...or a combination of these.
Each entry must be quilted, bound appropriately, and titled/named. I will give you the quilt challenge word in a moment. You must use the word in your title--you may NOT use the word only. Add at least one word, or add a phrase--a well known phrase or one that you invent--you may also add an ending or prefix to the word. The Word is BLUE! Happy Quilting!

Volunteering Makes our Quilt Guild Work!!!
Linda Eliason spoke to the Guild about how our Guild has grown, continues to grow and's because of our volunteers. In order for our wonderful sewing room to continue to operate efficiently and to be able to do all of the things that we do, we need folks to step up and donate some of their time and energy. That means folks new to the group need to get involved! It also means that the wisdom and energy of the Elders needs to continue to be shared in all events and operations. Bring a new idea from your guild...teach a class....take your turn monitoring the room...chair or volunteer for a committee for a month, two months, or the season. Allow your name to stand for the Board come election time. Get involved so that our sewing room continues to be the happening place that it is!

On that note...a special thank you to all of the committee chairs and volunteers for this season! You are wonderful and we are a guild because of your hard work and contributions!

Janome Training--
Friday, March 10th at 9 a.m. This will be the last Janome training in the room for this season.

Monitors--Joan Salter will be available all day Tuesday and after the meetings on Thursday to turn in your cables and get your refund.

FART Trip Committee for next season will be Linda Blessing, Joyce Hesketh and Judy Patterson. Thanks ladies for taking on planning our shop hops! We look forward to once again shopping til we're dropping with our awesome Guild Sisters!

Classes open for registration this week:

Abbey Lane Bag and Pincushion  Wed. March 15   9:00-4:00

Sweatshirt to Cardigan  Wed.  March 15  4:00 - ?  (Bring your supper!)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1 Newsletter

An Amazing Job! Well Done!

Thank you to everyone who put their hearts and backs into making our quilt show happen! Special thanks to Judy Currie and Wendy Newton who chaired the quilt show committee, as well as the various committee chairs, the worker bees and the innocent bystanders who got roped into helping. The incredible works of heart made the show outstanding. We have so many talented members and the scope and breadth of your talent dazzled our guests. Thanks to all for the donations for the various raffles and for making our quilt show the amazing success it was, once again.

Judy Currie has generously offered to continue a chair/co-chair for the 2017-18 Quilt Show. We need a fellow chair/co-chair to assist her in this enormous endeavor. Wendy Newton wore numerous hats during this year's quilt show--co-chair, advertising and set-up--she would like to remain as set-up committee chair. Jenny Schweiterman has volunteered to do the advertising committee with Wendy's assistance with graphics.

Thanks to Bev Rodgers has donated a doll bed for next season and the Doll Club has volunteered to create the wardrobe for next year's Doll raffle. Sue Leeson and her many minions have been busily working on a Judy Niemeyer quilt for the raffle, as well! Thank you!

Pat Slagter will be announcing the Guild Challenge for 2018 so you can plan ahead for it! The entries for this year's challenge of "This is where I live" were clever and creative. Looking forward to next year's entries.

  Pat Fryer will be here the week of March 6th with fabric to sell and to pick up quilts for anyone needing some quilting done. Please be sure to make arrangements with Pat for the return of your quilt if you are leaving by the end of March.

St Patrick's Day Luncheon--Thursday, March 9th after the meeting--last chance to buy your ticket at our meeting on Thursday.

  Elections  Thank you to Marilynn Barbour and her election's committee for hunting down...and not letting them get away...the wonderful Jean Prevost, who has agreed to another one year term, and Mary Lee Jones...our newest board members for the 2017-18 season. (Motion by Marilynn, seconded by Linda Blessing).

A huge thank you to Mary Williams who has fulfilled her term as a Board member and coordinated all of those amazing classes for us. A woman in a class all of her own! Thank you, Mary!

A HUGE shout out to our current board members--June Griepp, Grace McKay (Betty Brake), Joan Salter, Mary Williams and Jean Prevost--for their unfailing professionalism, energy and commitment to our Guild. Make sure that you stop them in the next month and give them a big hug because, truly, words are not enough to cover all the sewing time they've given up on our behalf and the hours that they've put in!

  Block of the Week--Congrats to Jan Ransome for winning the mug rugs donated by Jean Prevost. Anyone who is leaving and needs to buy the rest of the blocks, can do so. ($0.50 for each block)

Accuquilt Training--One last training this season--Thursday, March 9th @ 9 a.m.  If you need assistance after Thursday to use the Accuquilt machine, please contact a committee member and we will be pleased to help you!

Linda Hays and Penny Highet will be co-teaching an accuquilt class in the fall (mid Novemberish) using the Accuquilt feathers dies. Collect your fabrics over the summer!

New Classes:  Abbey Lane Bag--March 15th

Classes are winding down. Special to our amazing teachers with hearts of gold who have donated their time and expertise so that we can take a class for five bucks, five bucks! We have so many generous women who willingly share with us so that we can learn new techniques and create amazing new projects. Have a wonderful summer! You are so appreciated.

Joan Salter will be in the sewing room on Tuesdays and on Thursdays after the meeting. Please feel free to remove your machine/stash stuff if you are packing up and just return your cable for your refund on one of those days when you see her.

Suggestions!? Do you have a suggestion for something that might help our quilt room run more efficiently? Or a handy dandy tool or idea that might make your fellow quilters jump with joy? Please put your suggestions in the Suggestion box with your name, site # and phone number/email address. We will be thinking about purchases and changes to our room after the summer.

Did you hear that they are moving our little Log Quilt Cabin? We will be found on the Street of Dreams near the Lawn Bowling Greens next season. We will have ample parking, landscaping and be at ground level. At this point, we don't know much stay tuned!

Newsletter list...have you updated your preferences and information? Scroll to the bottom and do so this week. Last call...we will deleting anyone who hasn't updated their info...except Joan Meister, who actually does live at 555! You know how June likes to clean up!!!!

A note from a member:

I am a fellow quilter at Palm Creek. Today I was shopping/browsing at Mesa Marketplace, space C55, Lori's Country Corner. I know some of our quilters occasionally shop there for fabric. Lori, the owner, will not be carrying fabrics after this season but will continue with crafts. Many of her fabrics are already on sale @20% off with more being included each week- 3/3 fat quarters, strips, unit fabrics; 3/17 camping and golf themes;  3/24 SW fabrics/SW batiks. Thought you might want to include this in the weekly newsletter if appropriate.

Valorie Schuelke